Metta's Vision

The Metta Development Foundation is a non-governmental organisation, established in 1998, to assist communities in Myanmar recover from the devastating consequences of conflict and humanitarian emergency. The primary objective of Metta is the evolution of self-reliant and peaceful societies through social and economic growth. The driving force behind Metta is the concept the very word embodies – that of “loving kindness”.

Metta's Values

Metta Development Foundation (Metta) is founded on the concept of “Metta” or“loving kindness”. Metta works with the most disadvantaged communities regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender and strives to respect the diversity of peoples – their different cultures, values, customs and traditions. Metta believes in the potential of all people and communities, and conserves and builds on the resources that already exist. Metta believes in the fundamental value of self-reliance and supports initiatives which lead to increased ability of peoples to develop their own resources and determine their own futures. These values are demonstrated through Metta’s commitment to teamwork with each other, with partners and other stakeholders, and with the host communities. Metta upholds the principle of working independently of political, commercial and religious objectives. Where this generates dilemmas and difficult choices we will deal with this openly, guided by our values and, where required, with qualified independent advice.