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Welcoming New Branch Office Coordinator

Metta Development Foundation (Metta) recently appointed Mr Hawng Dau as the new Branch Office Coordinator of Metta’s Lashio Branch Office, succeeding Mr Ja La who stepped down from the Branch Office Coordinator role and resigned from Metta in the last week of September 2017. Metta is very pleased to welcome and congratulate Hawng Dau on his new role and responsibilities. Mr Hawng Dau’s new appointment became formally effective from 01 October, 2017. Mr Hawng Dau has been working with Metta since 2007, and he most recently served as the Branch Programme Coordinator at Lashio office. He was already a Branch Management Team member and is well known and recognised among staff members and partner organisations. Metta’s development and humanitarian work in Northern Shan will continue under his leadership. Metta is confident that the new, energetic Branch Office Coordinator will bring about positive impacts on the organisation as well as on the communities in Northern Shan State that Metta works with.