Metta Programmes

Metta programmes are grass-roots initiated. As such they operate with the participation of local communities in various aspects of planning, implementation and evaluation. Local resources are mobilised wherever possible and women are afforded the same level of representation as men.

Metta’s assistance focuses on the three programme areas of building community capacity, coordinating sustainable development projects and promoting community controlled social and economic associations. Priority is given to initiatives that are economically viable, technically appropriate and socially acceptable.

The training and education essential for communities to participate meaningfully in their development is provided through locally conducted workshops. Study trips to regional countries with similar community profiles also form part of the training process.

The establishment of a community organisation network which serves as a forum for sharing experiences and expertise forms part of the strategy for reaching out to communities from a diverse range of ethnicity and faith backgrounds.

Metta projects currently operate through funds received from international development agencies but self-help mechanisms incorporated into the project process will enable self sufficiency within a period of three years.

Metta programmes are making progress through the strong commitment of local communities and the cooperation of national and international development partners.

Detailed progress of each programme can be found in Metta Annual Reports.

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