sds Reports

Printed Publications Available On Request!

  • The Practice of the System of Rice Intensification in Northern Myanmar Paper Presented at the Proceedings of an International Conference, Sanya, China, 01-04 April 2002
  • Mungbaw Initiative: Potential of Summer Rice, December 2002
  • How to Make Dochakin Compost: Use of Micro-organisms and Making Compost
  • FFS Evaluation Report, December 2003
  • FFS (2001–2003) Terminal Report, March 2004
  • FFS Phase II Annual Report 2005
  • Evaluation of PAR Projects in Kayah and Kayin States, March 2004
  • EMOP Impact Evaluation Report commissioned by GAA, November 2005
  • Upland Project in the Sadung and PaO Regions 2005
  • An Evaluation Report of Community-based Development Projects in Myanmar, July 2004
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Trip to ECCD Village Sites, December 2004
  • Annual Report 2004, 2005, 2006
  • Training Report 2005: TOT on Sustainable Agriculture and Innovative Practices in Upland Development
  • Handbook for Basic Animal Healthcare: An Adaptation of Where There Is No Vet (in Myanmar)